Learning Communities

Welcome to the learning communities page. You are welcome to join the various learning communities below.  

The purpose of this discussion group is to bring together members of the Concordia College community from accross campus to discuss big picture issues connected with rapidly advancing artificial intelligence technology. This is part of a larger effort to help the members of our community develop Informed Engagement as society moves to one with ever present artificial intelligence.

The GNL Project is an educational platform inspired by G.N. Lewis's vision that "Physical chemistry is everything that’s interesting." We believe mastering physical chemistry reveals the world's beauty and arms us with the tools to explore any intriguing phenomenon. Our mission is to make physical chemistry accessible and engaging for all.

Our core curriculum is structured to guide students from basic college entry-level to advanced master's degree insights. Embracing G.N. Lewis's perspective, we extend beyond traditional physical chemistry boundaries, covering topics from the PIC10F200 microcontroller to physical neuroscience foundations. The GNL Project showcases physical chemistry as the foundation for diverse studies, underlining that understanding this field enables exploration across various interests.

Python: We are envisioning a "Python bootcamp" in early May and "Python Month" for Mid-May and very early June. This would be for those of you who want to jump-start your learning to give you a lot of momentum going into the summer or to compress it into a shorter time period during the summer. For a more leisurely pace the Python community is spread through the summer. There is a set of video tutorials available to work through if you so desire.  

Rust: As of late fall, it seemed that no one at Concordia College had experience with Rust. So we imagine that we would all be very beginners. Thus, we are envisioning a bit more structure where we all are on a similar pace (perhaps working through the same tutorials, etc.). For those interested, we can meet regularly for encouragement and discussion. This will be focused mid-June through July. 

Microelectronics/Microcontrollers: We envision a much more open community of learners with no set schedule. There will be a physical space here in the Integrated Science Center that will have all the equipment and supplies. Those interested can use the lab and work at their own pace and be guided by their own interest. As an optional experience we plan to meet once or twice formally as a group to present what we have learned or made.