Introduction to Physical Chemistry I

Introduction to Physical Chemistry I is a foundational course designed to cover the essentials of physical chemistry, from the core principles of energy and matter to the sophisticated concepts of atomic and molecular structures. The course is at the level of general college physics and general college chemistry. Students will navigate through critical topics such as the anatomy of the atom, conservation of energy, motion principles, Coulomb's law, atomic orbitals, and chemical bonding theories.

Prerequisites: Strong high school algebra, trigonometry, chemistry, and physics. Calculus is not required. We will do some calculus but it is not neccessary to follow the main ideas

Books: Any standard General College Physics and General College Chemistry book will work well. You can get them used for under $10. I strongly suggest you get each of these books. The books along with this series will provide you with a much broader background than just this series alone.

Notes: My notes for this course can be found here: Introduction to Physical Chemistry I course notes.

Video Lectures: The YouTube playlist for this course is here: Introduction to Physical Chemistry I playlist.