Video Recitation

Physical Chemistry Videos

The following videos review several topics that we have discussed in lecture. You might find them handy in studying for tests and quizzes.

Also note: Videos for all of General Chemistry I can be found here and all of General Chemistry II here.

Calculus Review:

The chain rule: video

The total derivative: video

Extrema: video

Quantum Mechanics:

Normalization of wavefunctions: video

Particle in a box: video

Hydrogenic quantum numbers: video

Pauli exclusion principle: video

Born-Oppenheimer approximation: video

Linear combinations of atomic orbitals (LCAO): video

Statistical Mechanics:

An example of counting microstates and configrations: video

Boltzmann distribution: video

Molecular partition function: video

Derivation of the harmonic oscillator partition function: video

Light scattering: video

Statistical thermodynamics: video


Maximal work: video

Derivation of the second and third laws from the first law: video

Natural variables and the auxillary functions: video

Derivation of the DG equation from the chemical potential: video