Rigorous Chemical Thermodynamics Mini Course

Welcome to the "Rigorous Chemical Thermodynamics: A Mini Course", tailored for advanced undergraduates, graduate students, and researchers from various disciplines who are keen on delving deeper into the intricate world of thermodynamics through a rigorous mathematical lens. This course is designed to elevate your understanding from basic thermodynamic principles to their sophisticated applications, utilizing a solid mathematical foundation.

The curriculum begins by laying down the axioms and notions that form the backbone of the course, followed by a series of lectures that systematically unravel complex topics. These include the mathematics of differential forms, path independence, the First Law, the Gibbs-Duhem equation, auxiliary functions, Legendre transformations, Maxwell relations, and a detailed analysis of chemical equilibrium. A unique exploration of homogeneous functions through Euler's theorem and its implications for internal energy also features prominently.

Prerequisites for this course include:

This course meticulously bridges theoretical concepts with practical applications, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of chemical thermodynamics. It is an invitation to embark on an intellectual journey that promises to deepen your knowledge and foster an intuitive grasp of the subject matter, preparing you for further academic and research endeavors in the field.

The playlist for the lectures can be found here: Rigorous Chemical Thermodynamics