AI Critical Questions Group


A small group of current and emeriti faculty from across campus has been meeting to discuss the “big questions” related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its applications. These questions center on the production, uses and effects of AI. Addressing these questions enables us to begin to assess its implications for higher education and some of the assumptions underlying its potential impact, particularly for Concordia College.

Knowing that Concordia College is grounded in the Lutheran tradition's commitment to intellectual inquiry, ethical reflection, and community service, assumptions being tested include but are not limited to:

Information that the working group finds helpful in addressing these assumptions and other “big questions” related to AI are being made available on this curated website. Other resources about AI will also be included here as they are discerned. It is expected that the information collected here will help guide reflection and practice as Concordia seeks to fulfill its mission in a world increasingly shaped by AI technologies and its applications.

Persons interested in participating in the working groups discussions are welcome and are asked to contact Darin Ulness ( for further details.


Foundational Information

Here is where you can find various resources to get you started thinking about AI and it's impact on society. 

Discipline Specific Information

Here is a collection of a bit more technical resources that are discipline specific