GNL Project

Welcome to the GNL Project, a comprehensive educational journey inspired by the spirit of a quote attributed to the legendary physical chemist G.N. Lewis: "Physical chemistry is everything that’s interesting." This project is born from the belief that mastering physical chemistry not only unveils the intricate beauty of the natural world but also equips us with the fundamental tools to explore and understand any phenomenon that piques our curiosity. At its heart, the GNL Project aims to democratize the knowledge of physical chemistry, making it accessible and engaging for everyone.

Here, we lay out a scaffolded core curriculum designed to elevate a motivated student from the foundational levels of a college freshman to the advanced insights of a master's level scholar. In line with the spirit of G.N. Lewis's quote, our curriculum goes beyond what is traditionally considered physical chemistry. Courses ranging from one on an in-depth exploration of the PIC10F200 microcontroller to the foundations of physical neuroscience, among others. The GNL Project hopes to illustrate how physical chemistry serves as a cornerstone for diverse fields of study, reflecting our belief that understanding physical chemistry empowers you to delve into anything you find interesting.

Beyond our core curriculum, the GNL Project is also a repository for physical chemistry-related content. It’s our hope that the GNL project can be a platform a curious and vibrant community of learners, educators, and enthusiasts driven by a shared passion for understanding nature.