Rust Learning CoMmunity

As of late fall, it seemed that no one at Concordia College had experience with Rust. So we imagine that we would all be very beginners. Thus, we are envisioning a bit more structure where we all are on a similar pace (perhaps working through the same tutorials, etc.). For those interested, we can meet regularly for encouragement and discussion. This will be focused mid-June through July.  

Main Links

Rust curriculum: A curriculum starting with a preliminary series from Tech with Tim followed by progression through "The Book" with Let's Get Rusty.

The Rust Programming Language "The Book"

The book YouTube playlist by Let's Get Rusty

Rust By Example

The Embedded Rust Book

Embedded rust GitHub repository


YouTube Creators - Rust

Let's Get Rusty - Let's Get Rusty is a YouTube channel focused on the Rust programming language. The channel offers tutorials, project ideas, and technical discussions aimed at helping viewers learn and master Rust. 

Low Level Learning - Low Level Learning is dedicated to teaching low-level programming concepts, computer architecture, and operating systems. The channel covers a wide range of topics, from assembly language and hardware design to understanding how operating systems work at a fundamental level. This is a great resource for those interested in exploring the foundations of computer systems. 

Tech with Tim - Tech with Tim is a programming-focused YouTube channel that covers a variety of programming languages and technologies. Tim offers tutorials, project ideas, and coding challenges related to Python, JavaScript, web development, machine learning, and more. 

Code to the Moon - Code to the Moon is a YouTube channel that focuses on software development, programming languages, and various development tools. The channel offers tutorials, project ideas, and technical discussions related to a wide range of programming languages and technologies. 

Bedroom Builds - Bedroom Builds is a YouTube channel that primarily focuses on programming in the Rust language. The intent behind the channel is to create a learning space where the creator and the viewers can learn from the presented content. It features a range of projects related to the channel, including a YouTube series introducing Rust to Python programmers (Link to playlist.), a YouTube upload and management tool written in Rust, and solutions to the dining philosophers problem implemented in Rust. 

Rust - The official Rust YouTube channel, it features content related to the Rust programming language, including conference talks, tutorials, and technical discussions. The channel is a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about Rust and its applications in various fields, such as systems programming, web development, and embedded systems. 

JaJakub (embedded Rust) - JaJakub's channel focuses on embedded systems programming using the Rust language. The content includes tutorials, project ideas, and technical discussions related to Rust and its applications in embedded systems. 

James' Office Hours (embedded Rust) - This channel features live streams, tutorials, and discussions about embedded Rust programming. James shares his knowledge and experience in the field, answering questions and helping viewers understand the nuances of embedded Rust development. 

Descriptions were drafted in collaboration with ChatGPT4