Files to Download

Physical Chemistry

Web Stuff

Prototypes for Point Groups (Java applets)

3D particle in a box wavefunctions (Java applets)

Files to Download

Mathematica Files

Elementary syntax For first lab

Stern Gerlach For lab first semester.

Particle in a box

Harmonic Oscillator

Morse For problem set 06 first semester

WebMO Morse Potential Fit for Web MO Lab

Half-V potential

graphexport For exporting a series of graphs

infect For statistical simulation lab first semester

botz1d For a Special Project first semester: Link to Boltzmann 3D

symmetry For lab second semester

2D harmonic Oscillator For use on problem sets

Mathieu For Special Project second semester

allvects For Problem Set second semester

quantum rattle

2d quantum rattle For in-class activity

3d particle in a box For in-class activity

sp hybrid evolution For in-class activity

harmonic oscillator wavepackets For in-class activity

High energy harmonic oscillator wavepackets For in-class activity

Phase matching Notebook exploring phase matching for nonlinear wave mixing

Particle on a sphere Plots the mod-square of the spherical harmonics in grayscale on the surface of the sphere.

Expanding particle in a box. Illustrates the quantum dynamics of a instantly expanded particle in a box

Tuning Fork. For collisional broadening lab.

kT Calculator

In order for this program to work you will need to download the executable file and the three supporting files. The supporting files should be in the same directory as the executable. To run find the executable file in the directory you downloaded it to, then double click on the file.

kT_calc.exe The executable file

borlndmm.dll Supporting file

cp3240mt.dll Supporting file

vcl35.bpl Supporting file

All the above file are contained in this zip file

Collisional Broadening Lab

This file is a LabView VI for the collisional broadening lab.

Phosphorescence Kinetics Lab A LabView file.


Rasmol Program for viewing molecules in 3D.

Click button below for zip folder with example molecules (the zip file also contains the Rasmol program)