Microelectronics and Microcontrollers Learning Community

We envision a much more open community of learners with no set schedule. There will be a physical space here in the Integrated Science Center that will have all the equipment and supplies. Those interested can use the lab and work at their own pace and be guided by their own interest. As an optional experience we plan to meet once or twice formally as a group to present what we have learned or made. 

Main Links

Microelectronics/Microcontroller curriculum: A looser more spartan curriculum with sub areas on electric circuits, the Raspberry Pi Pico, the PIC microcontrollers, and embedded rust. 

Micropython driver, api, interface, etc GitHub repository

Embedded rust GitHub repository



YouTube Creators - Microelectronics and Microcontrollers

Making Stuff with Chris Dehut - Chris Dehut shares his passion for engineering, innovation, and creativity through his engaging and educational content. Chris DeHut has a particularly good series on the Raspberry Pi Pico.

CircuitBread - CircuitBread is an electronics-focused channel that aims to simplify complex engineering concepts for hobbyists and professionals alike. The channel offers tutorials, explanations, and practical applications of various electronic components and systems. CircuitBread has a very good elementary series on the PIC10F200. 

Ben Eater - Ben Eater is known for his in-depth tutorials on digital electronics and computer architecture. He has a series where he builds an 8-bit computer on breadboards, explaining each component and how they work together. The content is highly educational and great for anyone interested in learning about the inner workings of computers. 

Kevin McAleer - Kevin McAleer's channel focuses on vintage computer hardware, software, and related technology. He provides in-depth analysis, demonstrations, and tutorials on various retro computing systems, exploring the history and evolution of the computer industry. 

ExplainingComputers - Hosted by Christopher Barnatt, ExplainingComputers is a channel dedicated to explaining computer hardware, software, and futuristic technologies. Christopher aims to make complex topics accessible and understandable for a broad audience. 

GreatScott! - GreatScott! is an electronics and DIY project-based channel. The host shares his passion for electronics by providing tutorials, project ideas, and reviews of electronic components. His videos cover a wide range of topics, from simple circuit design to advanced microcontroller programming. 

Andreas Spiess - Andreas Spiess shares his knowledge about IoT (Internet of Things), Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other microcontroller projects. 

FriendlyWire - FriendlyWire aims to make electronics more approachable for beginners. The channel offers tutorials, tips, and tricks for various electronics projects, covering topics like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and basic circuit design. 

Learnelectronics - This channel is dedicated to teaching electronics from scratch, making it accessible to hobbyists and students. It covers topics such as basic electronics theory, components, circuit design, and troubleshooting. 

X Electronics Master Club - This channel focuses on various electronics projects, tutorials, and reviews. It covers a wide range of topics, from basic electronics concepts to advanced microcontroller programming. 

element14 presents - element14 is a global electronic component distributor and online community for engineers, makers, and hobbyists. Their YouTube channel features project videos, tutorials, product reviews, and interviews with experts in the field of electronics and engineering. 

DroneBot Workshop - DroneBot Workshop is a YouTube channel that focuses on robotics, electronics, and programming. It offers tutorials and project ideas related to Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other microcontrollers. T

Ralph S Bacon - Ralph S Bacon's channel is dedicated to Arduino, ESP8266, ESP32, and other microcontroller-based projects. His videos feature a mix of tutorials, project ideas, and technical discussions, providing valuable insights and inspiration. 

Volos projects - This channel features various electronics and microcontroller-based projects, with a focus on home automation, IoT, and DIY solutions. It covers a wide range of topics and technologies. 

Learning Microcontrollers - This channel focuses on teaching microcontroller programming and electronics concepts. It offers tutorials and project ideas covering a range of microcontrollers, including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and more.

Study Microcontrollers - Study Microcontrollers is a channel dedicated to microcontroller-based projects, tutorials, and technical discussions. It covers a wide range of topics, from basic electronics concepts to advanced programming techniques. 

Microesque - Microesque is a YouTube channel that focuses on microcontroller projects and tutorials. It covers various topics, such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other microcontroller platforms. The channel is a valuable resource for those interested in learning about microcontroller programming and electronics. 

Learn EMBEDDED SYSTEMS - This channel is dedicated to teaching embedded systems concepts, programming, and design. It offers tutorials and project ideas for various microcontrollers and platforms, making it a valuable resource for anyone interested in embedded systems. 

JaJakub (embedded Rust) - JaJakub's channel focuses on embedded systems programming using the Rust language. The content includes tutorials, project ideas, and technical discussions related to Rust and its applications in embedded systems. 

James' Office Hours (embedded Rust) - This channel features live streams, tutorials, and discussions about embedded Rust programming. James shares his knowledge and experience in the field, answering questions and helping viewers understand the nuances of embedded Rust development. 

Descriptions were drafted in collaboration with ChatGPT4