Thermodynamics for External Fields 

Welcome to the "Thermodynamics for Fluids in External Fields," an advanced course crafted for students, researchers, and professionals eager to explore the dynamic interplay of thermodynamics with gravitational, electric, and magnetic fields. This series is ideal for those looking to deepen their understanding of how external forces influence fluid behavior in various scientific and engineering contexts.

The course begins with a foundational overview of thermodynamic principles in the presence of external fields, progressing to specialized topics such as the barometric formula, electrostriction, and adiabatic demagnetization. Each lecture builds on the last, ensuring a thorough understanding of both the theoretical frameworks and their practical applications.

Prerequisites for this course include:

Throughout this series, you'll engage with complex equations and scenarios, applying Legendre transformations and exploring generalized force/displacement concepts to derive critical thermodynamic functions and relations. This rigorous approach not only enhances theoretical knowledge but also prepares you for practical applications and research in fields ranging from meteorology to materials science.

The playlist for the course is here: Minicoure: Thermodynamics for Fluids in External Fields