Introductions to Physical Chemistry III

Introduction to Physical Chemistry III rounds out our foundational exploration into the realm of physical chemistry, delving into the intricate relationship between chemistry and physics through the lens of electric and magnetic fields, electrochemistry, and the quantum behavior of light and materials. This course is designed to bridge the gap between core physical chemistry concepts and their applications in real-world phenomena. Students will engage with topics ranging from electric potentials and capacitors to the principles governing batteries, electrochemical cells, and the Nernst equation. The curriculum advances into the magnetic properties of materials, exploring forces, torques, and inductive currents, alongside foundational laws by Faraday and Lenz. Furthermore, the course offers a deep dive into wave phenomena, elucidating the nature of light, interference patterns, and the quantum mechanical aspects of solids, including crystal structures and phonons. Through a detailed examination of transport phenomena like diffusion and viscosity, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic and interconnected nature of physical systems.

Course details coming soon